Join us in our journey through the production of the new Francisco Passenger Jeepney that will serve the Filipino commuting public for decades to come.

It’s high time to change the signage… 👍🏻 
Inspecting the Prototype X production area together with my cousin and long time Francisco plant manager, Kuya Caloy.


With ASec Mulong and Marissa of DTI-BOI CARS Program (Department of Trade and Industry – Board of Investment – Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy Program) ironing out details of the short, medium and long term plans for the Philippine Made Vehicles including the new Francisco Passenger Jeepney. We also watched for the first time the video presentation of the new Philippine National Standard for the Jeepney. 👊🏽


The classic Francisco trademark with rectangular headlights and stainless grille. 👍🏻


Checking out the classic airconditioned Jeepney. This one is a 24 seater unit (11-11 plus 1 plus driver).


Still working on the design of the high roof and right side door that conformes with the specifications of the Philippine National Standards (PNS) and Department of Transportation (DOTr).



A truck platform and chassis simply won’t work. The Jeepney would be too tall if we use a truck platform. It will not look good and it would also be unstable.



We’ll stick to our very own Philippine-made chassis, then! 👊🏽


For the Filipino people! 🇵🇭


With Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Director General Charito Ching Plaza and Board of Investments (BOI) Assistant Secretary and Director of the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) Program Mulong Manlapig.



It is very rare that we have government agencies work together supporting local manufacturers for the good of the people. Ironing out details to make the new Jeepney more affordable to the operators/drivers that would in turn keep the fare as it currently is that would benefit the commuting public.
It is very easy to make Jeepneys whether the old ones or the new ones. Francisco had been doing it for the past 70 years. The challenge at this day and time is the cost. Some companies sacrifice quality to earn more profit. Some companies don’t mind the price as long as they profit big from this business opportunity. Our objective here is to lower the costs of production from all angles to make it more affordable to the common Juan. We will also provide more jobs (both directly and indirectly) for Filipinos at home!
The bonus side of this meeting is that we did not only iron out details for the Jeepney modernization but we also opened the door to the Ship Building industry that BOI will create in collaboration with PEZA at PHIVIDEC Misamis Oriental. Seeking the help of our good public servants who are board members of PHIVIDEC Cong Benjo Benaldo, Col Alexander Noble and Administrator Mayor Franklin M. Quijano!
Even more jobs and investments for the Filipino people! 👊🏽


The painted version of the classic design of Francisco Passenger Jeepney… NOT YET our new prototype. This still has the old body. But, take note of the trademark rectangular headlights and stainless grille.

In short, this is the “Before” picture. 👍🏻

I’m so excited for our NEW assembly line in a NEW location utilizing NEW manpower for the NEW design with the NEW specifications combined with NEW technology in powertrain made by an OLD but top European brand in the automotive industry together with the OLD name in the jeepney industry and the OLD plant manager.

Infusing 70years of experience in making Francisco Passenger Jeepneys with fresh Filipino hands, state-of-the-art equipment, latest powertrain technology and young but creative Filipino minds.

SOON! 👊🏽 


The classic design is still the most affordable option for Prototype X…

But, I can’t wait to reveal Prototype Y. I have shown it to a select few and all of them loved it. They even want to buy one for themselves for private use. I might even get one for myself. 👍🏻


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